Brussels Office

The UHCC Brussels office is the most effective lever to put forward the plans for the development of a permanent and fixed communication and cooperation network abroad. The Office has a great contribution to the active and systematic presence and activity, not only of the UHCC, but of Greek Chambers as well, in Eurochambres and the EU institutional bodies, and helps Hellenic Chambers achieve their objectives, thus benefiting all the classes they represent. Moreover, the existence and operation of the Office in one of the world’s primary political poles, has made it possible to offer better services to UHCC member-Chambers, and, by extension to Hellenic businesses, enabling them to improve the business environment they operate in and to have better access to various financing means.

The purpose of the Office is to inform the UHCC and all Hellenic Chambers on EU developments, whether programs and community initiatives, or legislative initiatives, to promote the Hellenic Chambers’ positions in formulating Chamber-related community policy, and to provide scientific and technical support to Chambers participating therein. At the same time, the Brussels Office supports many Chambers in the preparation and submission of various proposals, as well as the promotion of monitoring activities of the evaluation and final acceptance procedures, by the European Commission and various community bodies.

The office contributes decisively in the successful fulfilment of the duties of the Eurochambres Deputy President, Mr. Conslantine Michalos.

Finally, it is essential to point out that the ”European Women Net­ work” is an initiative of the Brussels Office, adapted by the Eurochambres. This network aims in promoting the role that the women of the European Chambers and the women entrepreneurs in general, play today and their contribution in the success of the Chambers’ Network. Another goal of the Network is the creation of a European data base in order to promote the interests of the women entrepreneurs. The priorities of the network include the rapid development of the women entrepreneur ship, increasing the participation of women entrepreneurs in the economic development and recognizing the right of having “equal” opportunities.

Moreover, the Brussels Office:

  • Holds meetings with Representatives of other National Chamber Missions, tο exchange views and foster bilateral cooperation.
  • Works with the Greek Commissioner’s Office for enlarged UHCC and Chamber participation in EU action programs, with a view to supporting the European Strategy for Employment and Innovation.
  • Works with members of the Permanent Greek Delegation to the EU.
  • Works with members and officials of the European Parliament. Ln this context, the Office offers assistance and cooperation to Greek Euro -MPs, who organise Greek missions to Brussels, as well as other events, thus contributing to the success of their work. Representatives from all political parties and Local Authorities visit the Office and are informed on its actions and role in Brussels.
  • Organises information meetings at its premises for the various missions organised on invitation of Greek Euro-MPs.

The mission of the Brussels Office:

  1. To inform and raise the awareness of the UHCC central service and members, on European issues in the fields of interest for the Hellenic business community
  2. To represent the UHCC and formulate and forward its positions, ίπ collaboration with the central service:
  • In the Eurochambres, where UHCC President holds the position of Deputy President
  • In the EU institutional bodies (the European Commission, the European Parliament and the Permanent Greek Delegation).

The office offers the following services to the UHCC member – Chambers:

  • Information on latest European developments.
  • Advice on European issues.
  • Visits to European institutional bodies.
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