Businesses and the UHCC

Chambers embrace approx. 900 thousand businesses – of all categories, sectors and legal forms – most of which have a constant, two way communication with them and use the services offered.

  • The UHCC uses this local Chambers network to receive prompt information as to the problems and requests coming from businesses all over the country, as well as their views on various economic and social problems.
  • At the same time, via the same network, the UHCC disseminates information material to the entire business world in Greece, on markets (in Greece and abroad), the development in the legal framework for entrepreneurial actions (national and community), partnership opportunities, technology, innovation, etc.
  • Moreover, it provides information on financing possibilities, available financing tools for businesses, various community and national development and restructuring programs, etc.
    The Chamber network mostly addresses SMEs which in any case constitute the largest part and the foundation of Hellenic and European economy.
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