Greeting by the President Of Union Of Hellenic Chambers Of Commerce

At the beginning of the new year, the Greek economy is once again in a threshold amongst recession and growth. After 6 years of recession, during which the country’s GDP shrunk by almost 25%, the economy could return to a growth status.

However, the path to recovery is far from being secure and the country’s new government in 2015 should take brave development measures. The healing of the social consequences of the crisis requires an increase and not just redistribution of national wealth. It requires a competitive economy that produces, attracts investment, and creates new, sustainable jobs. Building such an economy requires a lower tax burden on businesses, less government intervention in the market, simpler institutional frameworks, more efficient public administration and targeted development policies.

The Chamber of Commerce has repeatedly submitted proposals with specific positions and views aimed at the reversal of the recession status of the economy, the return to growth with the aim of generating wealth, and the creation of sustainable jobs. So far, some of our suggestions have been heard. However, many more could – and should – be implemented.

In this context, the Union of Hellenic Chambers of Commerce will continue to contribute to its nationwide goal for development – while always consistently serving its advisory role and the role of the government’s adviser – by putting forward constructive proposals to boost competitiveness, with the sole aim of strengthening the Greek businesses and, in general, every productive sector of our economy. At the same time, the Chambers will continue to serve their member companies with even more high-quality services, with new institutions and entrepreneurship tools, with training programs, information initiatives and exchange of views with member firms to shape a new culture of chambers.

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