Constant Presence before the State

Supporting local and regional requests before central administration – cooperating with competent Ministries and providing opinion to authorities.

The UHCC mostly has a coordinating and complementary role to that of Chambers and by no means ο competitive one. According to the principle of subsidiarity, the UHCC intervenes only in case its action is more effective than that of its member – Chambers.

Following arrangements with local Chamber s, the UHCC forwards matters of local or regional interest, that needs to be resolved in favour of the business community and local interests, to the Central Administration.

The UHCC opinion-giving function to public authorities, namely the Parliament, the Government and Ministries, constitutes the eminently enacted competence of the UHCC and of Chambers. Giving advice on economic policy and growth, such as the investment incentives law, the main axes of economic policy, and economic measures (tax regime), transport, tourism, vocational training and employment, commerce, industrial policy, SMEs, etc., is part of UHCC’s main opinion­ giving activity.

The UHCC is actively represented in all government meetings on matters under the responsibility of Chambers, as well as the following Committees and Boards :

  • The National Exports Council, Ministry of Economy.
  • The National Consumer Council, Ministry of Development and Competitiveness.
  • The Coastal Transportation Council, Ministry of Mercantile Marine.
  • The Council of National Organisation of Alternative Packaging Management, Ministry of Environment, Energy and Climate Change.
  • The Committee of the Operational Program “Development of the Manpower 2007 -20 13»”, Ministry of Labour and Social Insurance.
  • The National Council of Education, Ministry of Education.
  • The Council of the University Education, Ministry of Education.
  • The Committee of simplification of professional and technical standards, Ministry of Development and Competitiveness.
  • The Council of Management and Evolution of Guarantee Liability of the Greek Government, Ministry of Economy.
  • The Committee of the Operational Program “Digital Convergence”, Ministry of Development and Competitiveness.
  • The Hellenic Standardization Organization.
  • The Greek Economic and Social Committee.

The UHCC has also participated in the Committee to Reform the Tax System, Ministry of Economy.

Through these activities, the UHCC:

  • Seeks the representativeness and scientific validation of its positions on the country’s most important economic matters. The representativeness is ensured by composing the views of all member­ Chambers during the elaboration of a position on any given matter of national interest and importance. Scientific validation is achieved with the support of UHCC departments and with the help of outside associates, renowned scientists, academics or market consultants.
  • Takes a stance on matters within its competence and communicates this to the Government and the Opposition, whether they ask for it or not. When deemed necessary, the UHCC President requests to have a meeting with the competent Minister, preferably with the participation of Chamber President s. Especially when it comes to local interest matters, when the UHCC meets with state bodies, the respective local Chamber President is also invited to participate.
  • Makes its positions public, either through its President, or in the Media, through press releases. Moreover, when it comes to matters of exceptional importance, the UHCC makes special publications (manual, leaflets, etc.), or special website postings.
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