Services Provided to Member - Chambers

Actions aimed at informing and supporting members One of the essential services the UHCC offers its members is the provision of information and updates with regard to all economic developments and matters that the Union obtains from the domestic and foreign arena. Information and updates are provided both via the known conventional methods and through available new technologies, especially the internet and its website. Taking the above into account, and with a view to utilising opportunities arising in the contemporary environment, and to monitoring national and community strategic directions, the UHCC focuses its activities on the following fields:
  1. To strengthen all available bodies in the chamber institution, so as to improve both communication and cooperation with member – Chambers, and the optimum and more effective coordination of actions.
  2. To provide integrated information and updating services to its members, that will help them improve their operation, as well as develop and take initiatives, and facilitate communication amongst them, communication with third parties, mainly by using and disseminating ΙΤ technology and telecommunications.
  3. To provide Chambers with regular updates on developments and events of broader interest from the Hellenic and international arena (conferences, community programs, legislative regulations, etc.) either by sending printed material, or electronically via the internet. At the same time, this effort is complemented by information meetings.
  4. To study special Chamber problems, so that they be forwarded to the decision-making centres, where appropriate and beneficial solutions will be found.
  5. To decently represent Chambers at home and abroad;
  6. To perform its consulting role vis-a-vis the authorities in the most effective way;
  7. To proper and smooth operation of the Hellenic Business Registry, to the Chambers’ benefit.
  8. To assert the management of development projects from the State.
  9. To implement, by both the UHCC and the Chambers, various projects stemming from participation in programs such as the ”Eurofresh Fruits” – fresh fruits promotion», the “Daily Choice” – PDO / PG I products promotion, the «Smarter Cluster Policies for South East Europe “ClusterPoliSEE”», the «”LactiMed” – Promoting Mediterranean dairy products», the «SME Creativity and Innovation for a MED Space Smart Specialisation Framework – “CreativeMED”» etc.
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